Team Building

We create, plan and organize memorable Team Building Activities with Creativity and Innovating ideas! With some of our events, your sales-force will be boosted, your employees will be motivated, and have the chance to experience the importance of the relationship bonding among managers, colleagues and associates. Our portfolio of clientele includes some of Europe’s biggest, companies, as well as smaller ones.

Some of the Events we Plan and Organize

Boat Building

Have you ever thought of having to build and sail your own boat? Well… you will get the chance with our Boat Building Game!

The event is based on a traditional way of boat building,going back some centuries...

All teams will be provided with  the materials, a construction manual and of course all tools needed to construct and sail their boat! A very creative and fun activity!

Walking Treasure Hunts

An interesting way of exploring a city’s culture and history!…The teams – all armed with a custom-made road book – will be set-off on foot in search of some interesting areas of the island.

With the help of the provided “tools” they will find their way to the different spots of interest, complete the tasks, solve the clues and answer the questions, aiming to be the winners! An alternative way of sightseeing!

Rally Car Experience

Do you feel the need for speed? Then try our Rally Driving Event for an Experience of a Lifetime!


An introduction to Rally driving with unique vehicles Ford RST - Rally Sport Trainers.

According to the profile and needs of the group, the size and the available time, we can provide anything from a fun ride to a proper rally school “signed” by celebrity-world class rally driver!

“Shorky” the detective challenge …

You will definitely have something to talk about for the next months, after your participation in this game! Another adventure with the worldwide known detective Shorky! A very well prepared sightseeing interactive detective game combining all the interesting elements an incentive client would like to experience:The scenario is written by a professional in such a way that is keeping the interest of the participants until the very end!

Beach Fun games / Olympic Games

Explore you capability in the various extraordinary games!…An absolute fun activity with various games. The teams will compete on the chosen games to gain the best possible result for their team!

Some of the Activities:

  • Fun Ski Relay
  • Inflatable Football
  • Jenga
  • Beach Volley
  • Fun relays
  • Archery

The All New Eye Path Game!

Tailor designed activities

Cyprus Trophy… Exploring some of the most interesting the routes of the island

The Mountain Challenge… A fun mountain experience with a selection of activities

Star Academy... Reveal your hidden talent!!!

Event Masters’ Team is constantly working on new ideas and team building games development. Some of the concepts we’re developing at the moment… “Shake it to impress the Goddess of Love” “Make the news” “Solve Aphrodite’s puzzle” “Escape the labyrinth” “Discover Richard the Lion-heart” to name but a few.