Themed Events by Thema Design Solutions

If you can dream it We can Theme it!

Tailor-made concepts to meet your budget, preference and your guests’ profile.  Check our Gallery with a selection, from some of our previous events, to discover some of the themes and concepts we can offer or call us for a personal meeting and brainstorming for your next event!

We create original Themed Events to entertain even the most demanding ones!

An Ancient Greek Symposium with the Goddess of Love & Beauty

Imagine this… The venue is a majestic historical stone castle in the middle of the city!... Animators dressed as Castle guards, Goddess Aphrodite God of music and the Nymphs surprising your guests as Live Posing Statues during welcome drink. Your guests that mostly have travelled from abroad will mingle and chat with their colleagues and have the opportunity to take a photograph with the Mythological characters, and being treated with the nectar of the Gods and mouth-watering bites followed by welcome gifts, dances set menu dinner and plenty of wine! Aphrodite’s animation group will be entertaining your VIP guests with performances, and interactive acts and teasers. The absolute Mythological experience!


Cyprus Village Fiesta recreation including handicraft stations, traditional tables, chairs and decorative elements, complemented with the use of natural flame lanterns and string lights, whilst traditional tunes will be playing to enhance the ambience.


A 3D replica of the famous Parthenon in Athens, ancient style pillars, olive tree branches and clay pots. Suspended fabric and freestanding candle holders will further set the scene. Table’s set-up and décor  in an Ancient Symposium style complemented by the tunes of some ancient styled performers.


Everywhere on this beautiful Mediterranean island the accent is on hospitality, in fact a few places offer a more genuine atmosphere! To experience this unique atmosphere, this evening a traditional village square is created.


A re-creation of Captain Hook’s shelter with oil lamps, lanterns, Treasure chests with gold colored trinkets, and jewelry in combination with torches, palm trees, wine barrels, and Pirate’s flags.


The most Famous Spy will welcome our guests to this Glamorous Event in a venue transformed into an extravaganza dinner area with 007 branding and life-size cut-outs. Bond themed stage background, Casino tables and Special Lighting Effects will complete the ambiance.


A Fun, Playful and Interactive event, to entertain this little kid in us!...

This unique set-up is created with tents, string lights, torches and lanterns. Activity booths and decorative elements artfully combined with the main attraction of this unique concept… The CAROUSEL! The Original Spirit is highlighted with Game Simulators, Fortune Tellers, Magicians, Stilt-walkers, Janglers and Fire-eaters! With all the challenging and interactive acts and competitions, each one of your guests will have the chance to explore their limits and hidden talents to the maximum!


Welcoming to the Castle by Aphrodite’s  entertainers including Guards, her Beautiful Maids, Jesters, Musicians and Fire Artists. Torches and Ancient style decorative items spread in the yard to accent this unique location!  The Goddess of beauty and her accompaniment will dance for our guests to let the Feast begin!